How to Avoid Mistakes When Decorating


Whether you are moving into a new home, renovating your existing one or simply sprucing up a bedroom, decorating is exciting and can completely transform a setting. However, there are some common mistakes that people make when decorating. These mistakes are avoidable if you are prepared, so read on to find out what not to do when decorating your home.

Skipping the Paint Sample Stage

You should look at paint samples and swatches before you decide on the paint colour. Buying a colour without looking into it could lead to disappointment when the room does not turn out as you had hoped. Colours look different depending on the light and surface, and samples can help give you an idea of how a colour will suit your room and blend with other colours and furniture.

Not assessing positioning and Lighting

The position of a room and natural lighting will affect how the colours you use turn out. Some lighter shades may show dull undertones if the room faces a certain way. It is always best to consider the natural lighting at different stages of the day to ensure your colour selection complements the setting.

Not knowing Your Whites

Not all white paints are the same. A common mistake is thinking that white means white, where several shades of white paint exist.

Some white paints have a pink, cream, ivory or even grey tint. Depending on the natural lighting, these could show through strongly, so it is best to ensure you buy the ideal shade for that room.

Going Overboard When Matching

It may be tempting to try and match your new paint with the existing furniture and décor, but do not go overboard with it. A room with excessive colour matching may look cheap, dull or tacky. Combining colours that complement each other is the best way to ensure the room is vibrant and stylish.

Overdoing Colours

Bright, trendy colours and patterns are fantastic and can add a pop of zing to a room. However, you should avoid overdoing it. If a room is too bold, busy and crowded with garish paint, it will not work.

Less can be more with bright paint, so perhaps one bright yellow wall among softer tones would be better than a room full of bright yellow, orange and red patterns. If you are decorating a bedroom, you do not want the décor to be overwhelming or stressful on the eye.

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