How To Prepare a Room for Painting


Painting and decorating can be an exciting time. Whether you are painting for a welcome change or out of necessity, you will want to ensure you prepare the room correctly before the painting begins. This is an essential part of any decorating project and should never be overlooked.

Below we look at the five steps to take when preparing a room for painting.

Five Key Painting Preparation Steps

Clear the room

Remove all furniture that is not fitted, if possible. If you cannot do that, you should move it into the centre of the room and ensure it is covered and protected. Also, remove any decorative items such as artwork, lampshades, curtains and rugs.


Cover floors and any remaining furniture with dustsheets. These are thin plastic sheets that can be thrown away easily after use, and you can find them in most DIY stores. Dustsheets should be stuck down to prevent them from curling up or becoming scrunched. If you cannot source dustsheets, large sheets of newspaper can also work.


If possible, carefully remove the radiators from the walls. This will allow you to paint the areas behind the radiators without missing a section. Only do this if you can do so safely, and the radiators are easy to reattach.

Wash walls

If your walls are in good condition, you can wash them with water and sugar soap to help the paint stick better when painting. This should be done a day before the painting starts to ensure the walls are fully dry before work begins.

Fill cracks

If your walls or ceiling are not in great condition and have cracks, these should be filled before painting begins. You can consult a decorating specialist, such as Flight Decorating, to arrange this. You should ensure your entire room is checked for cracks, as they can appear on skirting, near windows, and around doors.

These are the basic steps to take to prepare a room for painting. It is always best to enlist the help of decorating professionals before attempting DIY. They will have the knowledge, tools and products to deliver a fast, safe and thorough service. Trying to paint can result in costly errors without the right skills and tools.

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