Play with colors to upgrade the look of your house


When updating your home, changing up the color palette can be quite transformative. Adding some colored accents can be a very easy and hassle-free way of making a big difference without having to take on too much work. Here are a few colors you can experiment with to liven up your house decor!

Don’t be afraid of black

There was a time when black was considered too dark and formal to be used in home decor. However, black has gone from being considered gothic and dreary to chic and modern. Using black in your house does not have to mean painting your entire house black. A matte black accent wall would look great in a modern dining room. You can also incorporate pops of black in cabinets, furniture, and doors for a more contemporary and laid-back look.

Incorporate your favorite color

Let your personality be reflected in your house by adding it into your home decor. Adding a few pieces in your favorite color can completely change the look of your house. Find a color that makes you happy and add it around the house. You can create an accent wall, add a rug or some artwork to refresh your house without making too much effort.

Use gray as a neutral

After being bored of seeing beige, tan, and white as a neutral in every other house, gray is quickly becoming a popular choice as a neutral. With several undertones and shades to choose from, gray makes for a great shade to be added into a neutral palette. Gray adds a sophisticated flair to not only bedrooms and living rooms but also looks amazing in kitchens and bathrooms when paired with white cabinets and accessories.

Try out metal fixtures

Metal fixtures can elevate the aesthetic of your house and make it look more elegant. Metal fixtures in bronze and copper are especially popular as they pair well with neutrals and add some warmth to your home.

Add an unexpected pop of color

Instead of just overloading your house with random colors, you can also use color in unexpected ways to give them an entirely different vibe. For example, instead of an accent wall, you can add an accent ceiling to give your house a unique makeover.

Use neutrals wisely

Using neutrals is not as easy as it seems. While choosing neutrals for your color palette, make sure that the undertones of all your neutral shades go well together. To ensure that your house looks cohesive, you can try pairing your colors with a few neutrals to see what looks good together.

Experiment with accent colors

An infusion of bold color can liven up any room. You can add some drama to your house by adding a welcome pop of color. Add a few bright accessories or experiment with a bright wallpaper on an accent wall to make your house seem brighter and more cheerful.

Add a splash of aqua

While an unexpected choice, aqua has quickly risen in popularity to become an assured crowd-pleaser. It makes your house look bright and airy without overwhelming you with color. If you are looking for something that adds some color to your house without looking over the top, aqua could be a great addition to your color palette.

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