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Here at Flight Decorating, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience with the team of Professional Painters. Furthermore to be time specific, that would be 20 years. Our customer service and high standards have not dropped since. 

Moreover, our professional Painters make your life a whole lot easier. We understand that having someone in your house for an elongated time is not something that is essentially desirable. However with our friendly and efficient team of experts this is something that is not a problem. 

We have a 100% customer satisfaction and 100% high quality ratings and this is down to our professional painters and their experience in the chosen industry. 

For some reason, many Painting and Decorating companies often do not complete the work they have taken on to the highest level that can be achieved. With Flight Decorating perfection is a guarantee. 

In addition to this, we ensure that the needs of all our clients are met to the highest of standards. Particularly in Colchester, as this is where we are based, although our high quality services do not stop at Colchester. 

Feel free to give us a call on 01206 628 469 to discuss possible services and we will happily advise you on the next steps we can take going forward. 

Flight Decorating Professional Painter

Having previously mentioned, we have found that Decorating Services predominantly are not available 7 days a week, this means that in the case of an unimaginable situation that requires our urgent attention we can work around the clock to help you in your hour of need.  

Furthermore, we have also found that with the influx of Decorating Services the reliability of the services on offer has had a dramatic decrease. 

This however, does not affect us, we guarantee top notch results and we deliver on these promises.  

Subsequently, the sheer volume of companies in the industry has made the price ranges rise significantly, essentially, pushing the customer into a corner they do not wish to be in. This is where we come and save you from that corner. 

Nevertheless we guarantee competitive prices that best suit you, we promise to tailor our needs around you and this is something we look to maintain. 

Unlike many other companies we offer Professional Painters, and high quality work that is reliable and efficient. If you are interested in learning more about our services and our in-house experts be sure to call us on 01206 628 469

As stated above, we are happy to take your calls and would love to hear from you. Hopefully we can advise you on your next steps and try and book in a free consultation. If you wish to book us in be sure to email us at


Painters Colchester
Painters Colchester

So why choose us?


Fully insured


Free quotations


Competitive prices


Reliable service


High quality work

We are available 7 days a week. So in the event that you have a situation that needs urgent attention, don’t stress, we’ll be right nearby to help you in your hour of need.

To see how we can make your property look fresh by calling us on  01206 628 469, via email at or by filling out our contact form!

Painters Colchester

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Happy Customers

Fab job done on painting the exterior of house. Very professional!

John Stubbs, Brentwood

We now have a lounge we are proud of, thank you so much Simon!

Judy Williams, Colchester

Thank you to Simon on a great job on our living room & kitchen.

Mr & Mrs Peters, Shenfield