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Painting Colchester home

Feature your walls with a bit of sparkle!

Are you looking for the perfect transformation of your home? Do you wish to make your home stand out? Flight Decorating, a reliable and experienced painter and decorator in Wivenhoe, provides a wide range of painting and decorating services. From minor modifications and renovation to painting your entire house within the time provided, we have it all covered.

Our proficient team of professionals is capable of bringing a new life to your dull-looking walls. Flight Decorating offers the best services in every way. If you don’t have enough time or ideas to decorate your home, our team is available to help you.

Painting in Wivenhoe

Paint is the first impression of your house, and we know you never want to compromise on its quality.

Our team of Flight decorating painter and decorator in Wivenhoe deliver the best output. Our workers understand the importance of quality. It’s not easy to find a painter and decorator in Wivenhoe as skilled as us; with Flight Decorating’s well-experienced personnel and their multi-skills, you will get clean and fresh paint that will mesmerize you.

A good managing team is what makes us able to complete our projects with maintained quality. Our painters have enough knowledge about the advanced techniques of painting. We make sure that the paint suits your building and enhances its outlook.

Paint Removal in Wivenhoe

Paint removal requires a variety of chemicals to remove paint from a surface. You can use multiple solvents and chemicals to perform this job, as different paints require specific solvents, which can be confusing for the house owner. Our painters are there to serve you for this purpose and take care of the job well.

Decorating in Wivenhoe

Flight decorating keeps on applying innovative ideas in decorating. We make sure that your building looks beautiful. Moreover, we try our best that the interior of your property appears appealing. Not to mention, we also extend our painting and decorating services to the exterior of your property. Our team covers most surface painting, decorating, and other services.

Whether you want to decorate just one wall or an entire room, our decorators from Flight Decorating will perform the most satisfying job for you.

Wallpaper Hanging in Wivenhoe

Wallpapers give a stunning look to your walls and are an important part of decorations. Wallpaper hanging is not as simple as it seems. A finished wallpaper fixing requires experienced and a steady hand.  There are different types of wallpaper based on the material. So, we can hang any type of wallpaper.

Flight Decorating painter and decorator in Wivenhoe has years of experience in exterior painting jobs, including flats, townhouses, offices, and other buildings. Our decorators and painters perform other repair and maintenance tasks too.

Get in touch with us

To get to know more about our painting and decorating services or if you require an additional service feel free to contact us today.

We only a short drive away from Wivenhoe! Please call us on 07769 693 034 or 01206 628 469 for more information.

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