What makes a feature wall unique?

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Are you fond of standing out from the crowd? Having that one thing that makes you feel unique and extraordinary?
Feature walls are specifically to add interest to space, making it look different from the ordinary walls of a home, office, or any room. It makes the place look subtly well-decorated.
However, going for the perfect pattern, texture, and colors for the feature wall is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Hence, we at Flight Decorating offer your room a bold touch by adding a prominent feature wall that makes your room look more confident than ever.
Not only that, but we have also compiled some ways you can make your feature wall an absolute adornment.
But before that, let us look into the positive impacts of a feature wall in any room.

Benefits a feature wall offers
• Feature walls drive immense focus towards itself, giving a room the reason to look attractive.
• Adding a feature wall alone to the room can make it look new without having to renovate or redecorate it entirely.
• Feature walls make rooms look larger and significantly complement the accessories and furniture of a place.
Now let’s look into how you can work around getting the perfect feature wall for your space.

Ways to make your feature wall the best ornament
Choose prominent colors
Going for striking colors for your feature wall will make it the stunner of your house. With vibrant colors and brave choices, you can easily transform a simpler space into a well-adorned room.
The right choice of color will also set the right mood for the room. Also, the correct color choice that goes well with the color theme of the room will make it match the theme of the room. However, it is essential to add different patterns, textures, or contrasts to the feature wall to make it stand out.

Pick the right room for a feature wall
A feature wall is among the best decoration in your home. Hence, you need to go for the perfect space that gives it the value it needs. It should be a room that is the least crowded where the feature wall would look more appealing.
Perfect examples of such rooms are living rooms or a study where a feature wall would have its full effect.

Think outside the box
While feature walls are meant to look unique, there are ways to make them even more outstanding.
Think of creative ways to play with different textures and patterns to create a unique blend. Experiment with various objects, artwork, or furniture to go with your feature wall to give it a distinctive touch.
Not a very creative thinker? Go for our services at Flight Decorating to make the most out of your feature wall.

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